Inspire builds all of its service around the DNA of each organization.  Based on decades of diverse experiences, Sue and Chris offer a  range of services based on what they like to do and in the areas where they excel. They try not to be all things to all people!  Their no cookie cutter approach ensures a thoughtful, leading practice service, every time.

Fundraising Coaching - Feasibility Studies - Capital Campaigns - Board Development -

Case for Support Annual Giving - Fundraising Assessments and Plans

Fundraising Coaching
Many organizations find it essential to have a consulting partner to deal with fundraising challenges, call strategy, volunteer and staff coaching, making fundraising a priority internally and accessing best practices. Inspire's services can be contracted on an hourly or daily basis or for a set number of days each month. Having access to a partner that helps you take the "blinders off" and coach you through the challenges of fundraising saves time, builds momentum and provides you with a sounding board towards making the best decisions.

Feasibility Studies

Inspire has developed a new, leading practice model for conducting feasibility studies.

A significant number of Inspire’s feasibility studies include the active participation of client leaders in the interviews. We have found interviewees are very appreciative of this interview style and are forthcoming with advice and guidance as it relates to the project and fundraising. Having your involvement will give your team great insight into the donor community and how key prospects view your plans and organization.

This aligns with a proven philosophy that relationships should be built between the charity and the donor, not the consulting firm and the donor.

Other benefits include:

  • Personal learning and insight by your team on the issues (positive and negative) and how they will impact fundraising goals, timing and access to leaders.

  • Training on how to talk to potential donors.

  • It appeals to stakeholders who like to interact with decision-makers from the charity as well as the consultant.  Our experience is that candid, honest conversations and insight is provided by stakeholders when a leader from the charity is willing to listen.

  • Donor insight is not the confidential property of the consulting firm. You will have intuitive insight from your stakeholders that is invaluable to the campaign process.

  • This process is designed to identify top potential major gift prospects and hopefully qualify and engage these individuals so they will be more likely to volunteer as campaign champions.

Your participation, and the extent of it, is optional. Inspire continues to provide the traditional consultant-only interview style as well.

We would be pleased to chat about this in person.

Capital Campaigns
No matter how much is being raised, capital campaigns are mammoth logistical programs that require the most impeccable planning, preparation and implementation to be successful. Having participated in 100s of campaigns, there are not many situations we have not experienced!  As your consulting partner, Inspire will share best practices, trouble shoot, provide access to 100s of campaign templates and coach or lead a campaign effort.

We are completely flexible and will work with you to provide only the capabilities that you need. This is another example of how we customize our programs to what you need, rather than having a fixed approach to which you have to adapt your organization.

Board Development

We value the time and commitment of each volunteer. One of the biggest challenges to individual Board members is understanding how they can contribute.

Our purpose-built workshops share best practices and experiences from 100s of client experiences to enhance the knowledge and functioning of Boards.

Inspire can create motivational workshops such as:

  •  Creating a Culture of Philanthropy…. What it will take? How can you help?

  •  How to open doors and be a story-teller.

  •  How to ask for a major gift.

  •  Understanding roles and responsibilities?  What is the role of staff vs. Board?

  •  Mission and vision development

  •  Strategic planning for charitable boards

Case for Support

Stakeholders – whether they are donors, funders, volunteers, clients or community leaders – want clear, compelling and concise details about your mission, vision and enhancement plans. They want to know why specific needs must be met and how their dollars will address the needs in an efficient and effective way. The reasons must be more compelling than ever.

The development of the Case for Support is a service offered for all of our clients.  In each feasibility study the Inspire team will write a brief and compelling case document that is then designed as a brochure. We believe you must stand out at this early stage of communication with your stakeholders.

During the campaign readiness phase, Inspire works with the organization and professional writers to facilitate the creation of a comprehensive and compelling Case for Support.

Our goal is to always help you stand out by creating documents that reflect your DNA and your unique value proposition.

Annual Giving

Inspire has experienced hundreds of client annual programs; many sophisticated and many requiring significant development. Based upon this experience, Inspire has many creative tactics, techniques and tools that can be integrated into an annual giving program which is customized to your specific needs.

In conjunction with your organization, we can help you build an annual program from top to bottom or can design one that enhances a program that you already have in place.

A strong annual giving program is the foundation for future capital campaigns. Within every annual giving program, our goal is to create strong programs and sincere relationships that will inspire donors to higher levels of giving over time.

Fundraising Assessments and Plans
Fundraising assessments (audits) are designed to evaluate operational, governance, staffing and fundraising functions with an overarching goal of identifying areas to strengthen. Seven functional areas are reviewed:

Board Governance and Leadership
Donor Recognition and Stewardship
Organizational Structure
Communications and Marketing
Fundraising Programs and Data Management
Roles of Volunteers and Staff
Policies and Procedures

To increase understanding of your marketplace, an environmental scan to glean best practices in your sector, numbers to compare your performance and cost per dollar raised are often elements of the assessment.

The final piece is a three year plan that identifies your fundraising direction with measurable goals and an implementation strategy.