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Inspire Inc. is a specialized fundraising consulting firm led by Chris Hobbs, CFRE and Sue Egles, CFRE.  Both Chris and Sue are leaders in coaching organizations to raise millions of dollars for capital projects.  We have pioneered a leading-edge way of conducting fundraising feasibility studies and we have been involved with planning and implementing capital campaigns since 1988.  We are always mindful of all elements of the fundraising program and so our eyes are always looking at ways to strengthen annual giving efforts.  

Our project work touches all charitable sectors. 

We are located in Guelph, Ontario and work throughout Ontario.

Our ideal client is one that is looking for a true partnership.  We like to be challenged to think of new ways to help our clients based on their unique circumstances.  Our services are always built around the DNA of our clients.

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Fundraising Consultants


Based on decades of diverse experiences, Sue and Chris offer a range of services based on what we like to do and in the areas where we excel.

Fundraising Consultants

About Us

Inspire Fundraising Consulting is a Canadian company that has, in its 27 year history, helped over 1,000 organizations raise more money.

Fundraising Consultants

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